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Freterium’s potent algorithms are designed for routing optimization, to save costs and to make the best use out of your resources. We handle a wide range of constraints and options to help you describe all your business scheduling specifications. In no time you will understand how it works, and will be able to benefit your business from our state-of-the-art optimization technologies; all in a very fair price.


Within a few seconds our API will generate the best routes and thus minimize your delivery costs. Our algorithms are proven to be more efficient than any internal solution.


Freterium’s algorithms are designed for many use-cases, they will adapt to what you are calling for.


Our models can solve problems up to thousands of visits in a matter of few minutes. If your business is growing, Freterium API is the choice for you.

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Why use route optimization ?

  • Reduce costs (up to % 40 )
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Increase business volume
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Save time
  • Reduce harmful fuel emissions on the environment
  • Have measurable, systematic process

Use Cases

It is suitable for every organization, company or business that has vehicle fleet serving customers or has relation with logistics activities

  • Food carriage services distributors
  • Cargo courier companies
  • Passenger freight services
  • Personnel Transportation Services
  • School Bus Services
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Sales marketing teams
  • Technical and maintenance teams
  • Online stores warehouses
  • Magazine distributors
  • Transportation companies
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Post offices
  • Healthcare services


Some features we manoeuvre to describe your real life constraints as realistically as possible

Time is gold

Our algorithm has a total control over the time variable. We accurately estimate the travel time between your stops based on the traffic you want to simulate, and you can plan based on time windows for your visits, shift times of your drivers, and duration of services ..You can also optionally allow some upper bounds of lateness. Time is resources, mastering it ensures more efficiency and better service quality.

Multiple depots

In the classical vehicle routing problems, the routes trajectory is usually a closed loop, starting and ending at the same depot. Our proprietary algorithm handles multiple depots; you will be able to provide a different starting and ending depot for each one of your vehicles if you wish to.

Capacity is limited

Naturally your visits have some loads, these loads have a specific weight and volume. Also every vehicle has a maximum capacity it can carry on. We take all these factors into consideration and we make sure to maximize your load factor to make the best use out of your fleet. You can also optionally add an upper and a lower bound for the number of visits per route you wish to have.

Which scenario is the right one ?

We allow you to balance your routes as much as desired, this is very useful if you want to distribute the work load evenly among your drivers and make your deliveries as soon as possible. If your first concern is to minimize the number of vehicles used in the solution, you can add this option to your input, and we will make sure we fulfill all your possible demands with as few drivers as possible.

Customized restrictions

If you want to restrict some of your vehicles from visiting some of your stops, you can add this information to your input by adding types that have to match together. Imagine having some locations that can’t accept 40 tones trucks, the type constraint allows you to deal with this situation and much more.

We handle infeasibility

If your problem is not completely feasible, and some of your visits can’t be visited within the constraints, our algorithm doesn’t run forever! We detect these points and return them to you in the output as unserved with the reason why each one of them was dropped. You can also add a priority number to your visits to drop those with inferior value if necessary.


To get started, chose one of the following plans, you will be able to modify your choice later on. If you are still hesitating you can try out our free plan and see how that works out for you.

* One Stop refers to the same location (lat,lng) visited in a 24-hour time window. If you run the algorithm multiple times for the same stops, you will only be charged once.
** If you reach the limit of your plan's stops and you need some more, you can upgrade your plan at anytime.

Pricing Questions

For those who are just starting, we recommend choosing the first plan. When you start growing your operations and scaling up your volumes you can upgrade to another plan and start saving money.

Once you upgrade to a paying plan, you will start being charged once every month. You will be invoiced each month accordingly to your starting day.

Each unique address (lat,lng) optimized during 24h is considered a stop. That means that you can optimize the same address several times on the same day and won’t be overcharged.

In that case, you will be able to continue using our services by upgrading your susbcription.

Each single plan includes 1500 daily calls. For more, please feel free to contact us

If it is on the same day, you can optimize the same address as much as you want. You won’t be charged.

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